Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Doesn't Work for Me Wednesday - Homeschooling

Rocks in My Dryer has a good themed "What Works for Me Wednesday" today - What Doesn't Work for Me. So, here's my contribution:


Some people have to homeschool their children. I have to not homeschool my children.

Don't get me wrong - homeschooling is a great thing to do. I was homeschooled myself for 8 years, and I am very smart. :o) But it's not the only option, and it doesn't make people bad parents if they send their kids to school.

The reasons we don't homeschool are many, so here are a few of them:

1. Daniel doesn't want to. He is not the type that is disciplined enough to learn on his own, so he assumes that no one else is, either.

2. I'm still in college and very near graduating. When would I teach my kids - in between class periods?

3. I feel called to a ministry or counseling career. If God gave me this desire, I feel that He wants me to pursue it. Homeschooling my kids would definitely limit the time I could devote to ministry. In fact, sending my kids to school frees up a few hours for me to work on this. I'm not the type that concentrates well with lots of people around me - probably because I was hometaught...

4. I have 3 kids and I feel that homeschooling them would not be fair. I think homeschooling is very, very hard, and nearly impossible if you have more than two kids. I as one person just cannot devote enough time to each kid, that I would feel I am sufficiently teaching all 3. Of course, I believe that there are lots of parents that can do this, no problem. You all have my respect.

5. We live in the best school district in our town. Not that this makes the school district good or anything...

6. Private school is always an option, so I won't have to worry as much about what my kids are learning at their school.

7. Our kids absolutely love going to school (regular or Sunday School). I couldn't take that from them.

8. Homeschool is not a word, according to spellcheck. Hmm... neither is spellcheck. :o)

So, even though lots of people are supposed to homeschool, I fell that we are not. At least not right now. I'm glad some parents do homeschool, and I'm glad that we have the option. But for now, I'll send Abby off to school with tears in my eyes as I think about how big she is.

**Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments section. I love to know what you think as you read my blog.


Edi said...

Well since you specifically asked for comments whether or not we agree or disagree with you I'll post my 2 cents.

First I agree that homeschooling is not for everyone, just like public/private school isn't for everyone.

Point #4 - you mentioned not fair to the kids to homeschool more than 2...ummmm how about when they are in a classroom with 20 other children and one teacher?

Sara M. said...

What I meant by point #4 is that it's not fair for ME to teach more than 2. I'm not cut out to teach more than two, because one is bound to get more attention/help/teaching from me.

Lots of people can teach more than two.

Sara M. said...

... And I also feel that it's very different to have more than 2 kids in the same grade, so public schools don't even compare in this aspect.

Thanks for commenting, Edi!

Anonymous said...

To each his own. I always thought homeschooling wouldn't work for me so we tried public school. Well that didnt work for Tyler. The first year of homeschooling didnt work for either of us. Every single day of that year I thought GOD WHY ARE YOU PUNISHING ME. I think HE was trying to teach me patience cuz I am supposed to homeschool ALL my kids until they reach highschool...however many kids I end up with...If I am supposed to homeschool them all IM DONE!

gina said...

As a mom who has done both I loved homeschooling but Regular school works for us right now. I must say I love your #8 though. :)

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