Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer Camp at Home Plan

I finally decided (in general) what we'll do each day of our Summer Camp at Home. I've decided to have 6 days of activities, which will rotate Monday thru Friday. This way we're not always doing crafts on Monday - it changes each week. The only exception will be Wednesday, because that's the only day the library does the reading program, and the only day the theater has 50 cent movies.

1st Day (Monday, June 2): Arts & Crafts Day
2nd Day (Tuesday, June 3): Out of the House Day (parks, yard, play dates)
3rd Day (Wednesday, June 4): Movie & Library Day
4th Day (Thursday, June 5): Science Day
5th Day (Friday, June 6): Field Trip Day (zoo, museum, etc)
6th Day (Monday, June 9): Cooking Day
Then everything starts over again.

I'm really enjoying your ideas. It's so hard to take 3 kids under 5 years old anywhere fun. Especially by myself. Keep giving me ideas! I have 13 days of field trips to plan!

By the way, we have a membership to the zoo, so I count it as a free thing to do (other than gas). It's also not that scary for me to take the 3 kids to the zoo by myself that way. If they act up the second we get there, we'll just leave . No extra money spent, no big deal. If we decide its too hot to do anything other than go see the manatees and ride the tram once, no big deal. We also get into a local children's museum half price with the zoo membership, so its about $11 for me and the kids. This museum also has science days, so we can do the science days away from home if we want. I highly recommend a membership to some kind of zoo, kid's museum, or whatever you have nearby.


2 GA boys said...

Hey, just ran across these ideas from another site. Some are adult-only ideas (like "open that bottle" party), but others are quite kid-friendly.


mommagurl32 said...

I love this idea! Thank you for posting it! I like to do fun stuff with the kids. However, they are generally ungrateful for any extra activity I plan (whining, not cleaning up afterwards, etc.) that I get irritated very quickly for going out of my way to do something fun for them. Am I the only mother who feels this way???

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