Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Most Eventful End of the Year, Ever

Well, 2007 is almost over, but the last two weeks have been crazier than any other weeks I've ever had. As I mentioned in my last post, Daniel's mom visited us off and on for the last two weeks. Abby had her first school play - she was the best stage-frightened angel I've ever seen. Last Friday was Daniel and my 9th anniversary! Not bad for two kids who married their first love at age 18.

Unfortunately, two sad things happened in the last week as well. The saddest of the two still makes me cry a little from time to time. Our little kitty, Saliva, had to be put to sleep last Friday. She was just really, really sick, so I made an appointment with the vet. I thought maybe they would say that she wouldn't last too long, maybe one or two months... But they said she needed to be euthanized right then, she was so sick. Her kidneys had shriveled up, and there was no way she could have lived much longer. So, instead of going out to dinner for our 9th anniversary, Daniel and I headed to the vet with our tiny, sick cat. As the vet said, we'll never forget this anniversary...

The next sad thing is more bittersweet than sad, really. I like to breastfeed all my babies to a year old, at least. I breastfed Abby for 15 months, and I literally had to force her to stop. I did the weaning that time. With Avery, I didn't have much milk after 9 months because I was pregnant with Ethan, so on Avery's first birthday I said, "This is your last boobie, baby." Avery agreed and didn't fight the next night at all. With Ethan, though.... He just decided this week that he no longer wants mommy milk. *sigh* I was hoping to breastfeed him to 15 months or longer - after all, he is possibly my last baby. But now, I offer him milk and he just sticks out his tongue and smiles. How did this little cutie go from demanding milk every hour as a newborn to this?

So, in the last couple of weeks we've had to let go of a lot. That's always been hard for me - especially when it comes to letting the kids grow up. I can definitely see why some people have lots and lots of kids - it helps you postpone the final letting go for a while. If weaning is this hard, how will I deal with sending my kids off to college??

Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Boots!

Grandma is visiting! And, once the first snowflake hit the ground, she said the kids needed snow boots. She headed to Kohl's, and came back with all the snow gear Abby & Avery will ever need (until they get bigger, at least).

Avery put on his boots and started posing provocatively - yes, I have spared you of photos that are both provacative and of Avery in his underwear. I swear, he does own pants.

Abby loves her new coat, snow pants, and boots! What parent can deprive their child of the joy of wearing their new snow gear indoors for an hour or two? She kept saying, "I need water...."

And, for good measure, here is Ethan wondering where his new snow stuff is. Silly boy - it's right there on Avery! He'll realize that next winter.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Memories

Avery is definitely my drama baby. I've said this since the day he was born, and he proves it again and again. I have to keep a very close eye on this one. As you read this list, keep in mind that he is only 26 months old...

  • When Avery was born, I went to the hospital and was sent home 3 times without being admitted. I was told that I wasn't "really" in labor. Two hours later, he was almost born in the car. We got to the hospital at 9:51 p.m. and he was literally born 6 minutes later, at 9:57 p.m.
  • Before he was even born, my OBGYN wanted to do a C-section because Avery was breech, with his head tipped back, and his foot headed out first. Apparently this is not good at all.
  • We couldn't find anyone to circumsize him until he was 13 days old. The doctor informed us that he screamed more than any baby he had ever circumsized.
  • When he was 3 weeks old, he peed in his own eye while I changed him. He ended up getting a yeast infection in his eye. (Please see the lovely picture for more detail.)

  • At 16 months, Avery broke his pinkie finger on a door. The cast covered his entire arm - shoulder to finger tips.
  • When the doctor put the cast on Avery, he had to have three additional nurses hold him down. I was told that Avery is very strong.
  • On vacation this year, Avery woke up with sores all over the inside of his mouth. He had hand foot and mouth disease.
  • Avery is now deathly afraid of doctors.
My poor pumpkin. I don't know if I should ever let him play sports.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We woke up this morning to a beautiful white-covered yard.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


"Phooey! Hard work! Vacuum is hot!"

Yup, it's hard work to vacuum the whole house - especially in only underwear and a t shirt.

Monday Memories

Pacifiers. How did parents ever live without them? Earlier this year, Abby gave up her pacis - by force. Come on, a three year old with a pacifier? I'll admit, I was afraid of what other parents might think, so I told Abby the paci had to go.
We tied the pacis onto a beautiful ribbon, hung it on the front doorknob, and waited until morning. We were so surprised - the pacifier fairy had taken those pacis and left Abby a huge purple sparkly box filled to the brim with princess paraphernalia and play make-up! That fairy sure knows what Abby likes...
The next day went smoothly - no asking for the paci, just pure revelry in that purple sparkly box. However, when bedtime came and no paci was offered or requested, I started to realize what we had taken from Abby. When she came in our bed around 4 am, crying because she wanted her pacifier, it only made me feel it more. We hadn't just taken away the pacifier - we had taken away the last little bit of baby left in Abby. Not that she's now an adult, but what about her is baby-ish anymore?
"Where did she take my pacis?" "Can you call her and ask her to bring them back?" The questions killed me as we lay there in bed, consoling Abby. I tried my best not to cry - this was my first little baby, heartbroken.
She still sneaks Ethan's paci from time to time, and of course we tell her no. But really, it was a three year addiction that we forced her to quit cold turkey. How would you have reacted?

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