Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Normal - Right?

So, a couple days ago I fell down at Meijer. Apparently, their frozen Coke machine was leaking water, and the mat in front of it collected all that water. Despite the 5 "wet floor" signs and the "caution" tape, I was assured by the cashier that it was safe to get a regular vanilla root beer. I got the drink without incident, but as I stepped off the wet mat and onto the waxed floor, I fell onto my knees. I squeezed both the vanilla root beer and the shopping cart handle, so I didn't fall any further. Then I stepped again and fell again. Again, root beer flies everywhere, and my cup gets smashed. My fault for wearing flip-flops, right? No one should grocery shop without non-slip steel toed boots.

Well, since the "incident", my knees hurt terribly, and when I get on my knees for any reason, they make a silent popping noise. Like if I had bubbles on my knees, or a bag of ultra-sound gel (or it is jelly?) or better yet, sound-proof bubble wrap. I don't know if it's bad or not - it just really grosses me out, and I thought you all should be in on this.


Oh Joy! said...

Ouch. Meijers should have done something more preventive than putting all those "wet" signs... what is that going to do??

Thanks for the heads up... I'll go get some steel toed boots for shopping! :)

Anonymous said...

ouch :( i hope you feel better.


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