Friday, August 29, 2008

Whoopsie (AKA a sappy story about love)

Did I forget to mention that this cute man turned a year older last week? It's hard to believe, I know, because he looks the same age as he was on August 21. But really, he turned a year older on August 22. Funny how these things work.

So why would I need to mention that he had a birthday? Aside from the fact that he begged me for a certain Madden-related
thing for his birthday, but has not used it even once yet? Well, I guess it's because I wanted to tell you how sweet and wonderful he is. And Daniel is also very, very good at going with my plans for my future, as if they were not so much our future.

When I said a couple semesters ago that I was finally finishing school, he said "great!" Then when I said one semester ago that I was going to minor in something else and add another semester before I graduate, he said, "okay!" Even though it meant he would finish his own schooling even later. Then when I said 2 days ago that I was not going to minor in anything, but instead graduate this December, he said, "great!"

He also happily (or at least not angrily) feeds the kids, bathes the kids, and puts them all to bed while I take evening classes. He basically just goes with whatever I say I "need" him to do so I can finish school. Maybe he's just tired of me being in school, but I think it's because he's great.

So, there are tons of reasons why I think he's wonderful, but this week school started for me & Abby, so school is the theme of the week. That's basically all I can think about for now, so this will have to do. Maybe next year I'll have something else to say, Daniel. But for now, thank you for being so good. I love you.


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