Monday, August 25, 2008

One Kid

It appears that I have one kid that is always more something than the other two. No matter what you name, I probably have one kid that is more that than the others.

One of my kids is more whiny overall then the other two. One of my kids is more artsy than the other two. One of my kids is a better sleeper than the others. One is a better eater.

So, even though some of these things are negative, I try to keep it in balance and think about the positive things my kids are good at as well. I also try to encourage their abilities, by buying them gifts that fit each kid, and giving them chances to use their abilities. Does this remind you of anything?

Hint: Look at 1 Corinthians 12.

Spiritual Gifts! The Bible says we all have different ones, yet they're all important. About 6 months ago, a friend recommended that Daniel and I take the "Spiritual Gifts Analysis." I finally took it today (yeah, I know). Here are my results, in order of most evident to least evident:

Score Graph of Score Spiritual Gift
21 ====================== Faith
19 ==================== TonguesSpeaking
15 ================ Discernment
15 ================ Helps
15 ================ Healing
13 ============== Hospitality
11 ============ Teaching
11 ============ Giving
11 ============ Administration
11 ============ Encouragement
11 ============ Exhortation
10 =========== Miracles
10 =========== Intercession
9 ========== Missionary
9 ========== Music
8 ========= Knowledge
8 ========= Mercy
8 ========= Pastoring
7 ======== Wisdom
7 ======== Craftsmanship
7 ======== Prophecy
7 ======== Writing
7 ======== Poverty
7 ======== Leadership
5 ====== Apostle
4 ===== TonguesInterpreting
3 ==== Evangelism
1 == Celibacy

I guess I sort of always knew that #1 would be faith for me. I believe I've said it to Daniel before (about 100 times), and that seems to be true in our personal life as well. But what really surprises (or maybe disappoints) me is that writing is waaaay down on the list. What is this blog for, right??

Another thing on the list doesn't disappoint me so much as embarrass me. See what the last thing is on the list? Celibacy. *ahem* At least I'm married...

Take the test and let me know what you get.

Spiritual Gifts Analysis


Oh Joy! said...

hmmmm... so celibacy is definitely not a gift you have right now. Tsk.

Anonymous said...

Strangely, Celibacy was my number 1 spiritual gift. I'm beginning to find Sara's list suspect.

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