Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Loooooooong Day: Avery's version.

The day had finally arrived. It was Avery's first trip to King's Island (an amusement park)! He was so excited!

The day started with breakfast at King's Island. The food was very good, and there was lots of meat. But wait! What is that behind Grandma's head??

It's Sponge Bob! Imagine, breakfast with the most famous sponge ever. What nice socks you have, Sponge Bob. Grandma thought Avery would like to go meet him, but I guess she was wrong...

Avery headed straight for his car (bumper car, that is), and drove far away from Sponge Bob. Unfortunately, people kept driving into him because it was so crowded at king's Island. Thank goodness for that partial and useless seatbelt!

After many rides, ice cream, pizza, and walking, Avery was exhausted. Time to go home, sleepy boy.


Anonymous said...

Avery created quite a traffic jam there. Who taught him to drive??

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