Monday, August 11, 2008

More for Her... Or for Me?

Today Abby had her Kindergarten screening at her new school. Daniel & I were sort of worried about it, but at the same time we weren't worried at all. We know she's ready for Kindergarten, even though she won't be five *gasp* until October 5. The cut-off is September 30. So, if a kid was born 5 days before Abby, they would be old enough for Kindergarten, but Abby might be too young.

Well, anyway, she "passed" the screening, even though she counted, "28, 29, twenty-ten." And Abby got to see her little (but much bigger than preschool) classroom, and meet her teacher. Her teacher even gave us the orientation folder a week early - but we had to promise and bring it back on Thursday.

Inside the folder was all kinds of things we have to provide, pay for, or can buy if we choose. Umm, what exactly is the tuition for, again? After tuition, uniforms, snacks, cupcakes, prizes, wrapped candy, field trips, etc., we'll probably have paid more than my school costs in a year. You know, the university?

But really, the most exciting part of the packet for me was the daily classroom schedule. Abby will actually have phonics, math, science, social studies, and music! Isn't that adorable? I can't wait to find out what she learns each day. It's like I'm heading back to Kindergarten myself. I'm ready for the book fairs and parent-teacher conferences and organizations, fundraisers, and homework. Did I mention that I was homeschooled? Maybe that's why I'm so excited about this stuff - but it's just so fun and so cute.

Now I have to alter Abby's little uniforms. Apparently extra-small is not small enough for my little girl. But she looks adorable in them, anyway. Too bad one week's worth of uniforms costs more than one month of clothing for myself.


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