Friday, August 29, 2008

For My Mom

What I'd Like For You To Know: The Mom Of an Only Child

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Anonymous said...

We had planned on having a huge family, but things turned out differently. God blessed us with YOU - the greatest daughter we could ever imagine & we couldn't be happier! We love you sooooooo much. No matter what you do, you could never disappoint us...all our hopes & dreams are in you. Since you are our only child, this burden has fallen on your shoulders. Like Queen B said in her post, all our firsts are also our lasts. When we sent you to kindergarten, we would never be able to send another child to school for the first time. We had one chance to do it all correctly & get everything just as close to perfection as possible. We would never be able to re-do it with the next child. We just hoped & prayed we were doing a good job & as I look at you today, the wonderful mother of 3 beautiful children of your own, I can honestly say that we have accomplished our mission in life. As Mrs. Briening said, "We grew you right!" We are so very proud of you & all your accomplishments! Thank you for being YOU! And thanks for giving us 3 of the world's greatest grandchildren! Of course, I guess we have to give Daniel SOME credit for the kids...he helped.

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