Monday, August 18, 2008

The Last Days of Summer (Vacation)

Wasn't it just the beginning of summer vacation a couple days ago? Didn't I just write a quite ambitious post about Summer Camp at Home? Now Abby will be starting Kindergarten in a week. It already feels like autumn outside. The nights and mornings are cool, the days not too hot. I even saw a tree covered with orange leaves the other day. Here's Daniel's favorite joke when it gets cool out when it should be hot: "Stupid global warming!"

But really, where has the summer gone? It almost feels like I should be packing up the kid's shorts and sleeveless shirts, stashing the sprinkler away until next year, and getting out the rake. But I haven't even gotten one ear of corn from my garden yet! Maybe I'm just a bad gardener, so let me say that another way. But I haven't even used up all the sunblock yet!

Autumn is actually my favorite time of year, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for it yet this time around. I know exactly why that is, and it begins with an "A" and ends with "bby goes to Kindergarten"... Real school. I know you're getting tired of hearing me whine about this, so here's a few different perspectives. One that is not-so-sappy, and one a little-more-sappy, and if I ever find it, I'll put one that you will want to find some Kleenex and then go hug your kids.

Growing Pains

To My Little Boy, On Your First Day Of Kindergarten


Anonymous said...

Nathan had to go and register Tyler for kindergarten because everytime I thought about it I would burst into tears and start babbling about all the firsts we had yet to encounter and then I would get to the first day of college and just get hysterical. Keep in mind I was also in my last trimester with Rori thats probably why I went from tears to hysterics and had the poor kid going to college in less than 3 min...Now my baby is in 4th grade and my baby baby is well wanting to be in 4th grade too. Chrissie

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