Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Loooooooong Day: Abby's Version.

Abby's day also started with breakfast at King's Island. She enjoyed the french toast sticks as she sat with her cousins. Suddenly, the girls realized their breakfast was gone! Cousin #2 looked under her napkin, but it was not there. It's a mystery!

Perhaps Dora or Sponge Bob can tell us where the food went. Nope, wrong cartoon characters. Dora only tells us to look in her backpack or consult a map. Sponge Bob suggests we try a Krabby Patty instead. No help at all.

Abby realizes what cartoon characters can help with a mystery, and quickly borrows their van to search for the missing breakfast.

Realizing that mystery solving is just too much work, Abby takes a break to ride the enormously fun Swipper ride with her brother.

It turns out the breakfast was not missing after all, it was just eaten. Because it was so good. The day ended with a splash - the splash of Abby & Daniel coming down the water slide on a raft.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Abby had tons of fun after breakfast!

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