Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Daddy's Day Out

I was watching an old episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond," and noticed something really interesting. In this episode, Raymond took his sons on a "Daddy Day," which means he took them to his golf club and played golf while they played in the sand trap and chased golf balls into the pond. The boys had a great time, and to quote Raymond quoting the boys, "ya - hoo."

This reminded me an awful lot of my own sweet Daniel and the times he takes the kids out without me. There was just recently when he took Avery to get his hair cut. They stopped at the park on the way home - so Daniel could play basketball. BUT the boy did have fun. Then there was the time Daniel took Abby to the park to play, and he ended up just happening to have that basketball in the trunk and tennis shoes on. Surprise! There was also a basketball court at that park.

I've had this conversation with Daniel before. I say he shouldn't take the kids somewhere that is for him and disguise it as a fun time at the park for the kids. He feels differently, and I bet a lot of dads do. Daniel thinks basketball is fun for the kids, since they're out and at the park. Truthfully, I've never heard the kids complain - and trust me, Abby can complain. After all, there are a lot of dads out there that never, ever take their kids anywhere. Also, when Daniel takes the kids to the basketball courts *ahem* I mean the park, I get a nice break.

So, what works for me when the kids are bored is this: send them away. Better yet, send them away with Daddy. Even better-er yet-er, let the poor guy have fun, too.


Janelle said...

That's awesome! My son LOVES to go watch his daddy play volleyball. Even though he has to sit in one place on the sideline. It's amazing how they just like to watch their daddies play ball.

Audra Krell said...

You are so right. I have three boys and just being with dad, doing absolutely anything is the best thing for them. Men only become men in the presence of other men, it doesn't even have to be one on one play, parallel play works too.

Sara M. said...

janelle - or watch Daddy work. They seem to really love their Daddies, even when Mommy thinks its boring :o)

audra - I agree. It's important for guys to be with guys, and women to be with women.

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