Monday, June 23, 2008

The Out of Doors

We went hiking Saturday. Things like this really tell you what kind of temperament your kids have, and how much they like the outdoors. Turns out none of my kids enjoying falling on their faces onto a pile of rocks (go figure), they all love orange day lilies, and one of them loves peeing in the woods (and another one gets jealous of the one who gets to pee in the woods). We also learned that Ethan tends to roll if he falls down near a pond.

We only hiked a total of 1/2 mile, but it sure took long enough to be at least 3 miles. The kids did really well, and especially liked the creeks they got to walk through and the bridges we crossed. We also saw some dead and stuffed animals in the nature center, and a real (alive) chipmunk and frog.

We even got a family picture!


Anonymous said...

Great hiking pictures! Hiking is so much fun, especially with the kiddos.

Anonymous said...

One more've got such a beautiful family. I just love that family photo.

Sara M. said...

Thanks, Andrea!

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