Monday, June 30, 2008

The Daily Shower Wars

The kids have made getting into stuff a tradition while I shower. Too bad I shower each morning. This is getting old.

Today I come out of the shower to find an entire storage cabinet emptied, all my sewing thread unraveled, the caps off the craft paint & all over Avery, and all the ribbon unrolled. They literally dismantled every craft supply I have. I then noticed that the TV was on, but the screen was blank. It turns out the screensaver had been activated, because the kids had found the remote and changed the TV to the Spice Channel. Yes, that is an "adult" channel. Thank goodness it's pay-per-view and they couldn't see anything!! I just get so tired of them doing things like this every single day. Today I had to pawn them off on my mom because I'd had enough by 10 am.

I try to reason with them. I tell them that mommy gets so mad at them for being bad and doing what they shouldn't, but mommy wants to be nice to them and happy with them all the time. I try begging them. I try bribing them. I try shock - "why are you watching that channel?? That has bad things on it!" Abby's response? "Will we learn to do things to other people by watching that channel? Don't worry, we only watched the good parts, not the bad ones." What a relief...

Nothing, and I mean nothing I've tried works. They get into something every single time I shower. I really like to shower, I'd hate to give it up. I also think Daniel would hate to see (or smell) me give it up, too. But the kids get more and more dangerous by the day. Saturday morning I walk into the kitchen after my shower, and find Avery on the counter. He has every single knife out of my knife block, lotion squirted all over the counter, and he's trying to "cut" the lotion with the knives. I had the baby gate up, but he just knocked it down.

Maybe this makes my kids seem like big brats. They're really not - just when I shower. But I'm writing this out of desperation. What can I do? I need ideas. Has anyone gone through this? Did it ever end??


Anonymous said...

For this very reason, I shower at night. Not fun -- and my hair isn't nearly as cute as it used to be -- but it's lowered my frustration levels and keeps me to only yelling about mundane stuff. HTH!

mommagurl32 said...

What about naptime? I have 4 boys ages 9,8,4, and 3. When the 3 & 4 year old go down for their naps I go take my shower. Or I take it before my husband leaves for work, or I take one when he gets home!

Anonymous said...

And I enjoyed every moment!Abby & Avery were such perfect little angels - no problems at all...But then again, I didn't take a shower while they were at my house! Maybe that's why I don't have trouble with them - I take my shower before they get here!

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