Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Money Can't Buy Happiness - But Gum Can!

The whole getting-into-things-we-shouldn't-as-mommy-showers thing is getting very, very old. Nearly every day the kids do something to ruin something while I shower. I'm thinking I'll have to shower at night instead, or at 5 in the morning, or something...

Today they got into my purse while I was in the shower. The boys squeezed out all my good hand cream all over my rug (yes, the rug, again). They then used my credit cards (and my CVS Extra Care card!!) to scrape up the lotion, and rubbed it back into the rug. Avery also enjoyed chewing lots of gum while I was showering.

When I saw it, I punished Avery and took away the gum he had in his hand. He started crying, of course. I then made him go potty while he threw a little fit. After he actually went potty, I figured I may as well reward him with the gum he had already opened. He then told me:

"I'm happy now, because I have gum."

And the tears stopped.


Anonymous said...

Ok hun, rule #1 no matter what time you decide to get up in the morning and shower/workout or well basically do anything that will benefit you, 1 kid or more will appear either right before or after you decide to get up...or well this is my experience. Ty was about 4 and one day while I was in the shower he decided the fish needed yogurt and got a gogurt chewed it open and squeezed it into the tank...Rori usually just colors all over the walls and floor, unlike Ty who went from the window around th entire room across the fireplace, decorative vase, entertainment center, tv screen and anything else that happened to be at that exact height. Chrissie

Sara M. said...

Chrissie, I've been realizing this more and more by the day!

Did your fish survive? When I was little, someone threw a wadded up kleenex into my fish's tank & the fish died :o(

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