Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Best Intentions...

Of course, Summer Camp at Home was supposed to start last week. It didn't. Daniel was in Philadelphia for work all week, we didn't have a fully usable kitchen, and Avery and I got food poisoning. We decided to start this week instead. Well, Monday ended up being an "out day" because we went to the zoo with some friends. Yesterday was I guess... a science day...? Abby was bad all morning and refused and refused to clean her room. You know, the battle of everyday again. So I had to finally take away her arts and crafts day for punishment. But, as the boys napped in the afternoon, she reformed herself. So I filled up various buckets and bins with water, placed them in the driveway with cups and straws and bottles, and told the kids to have fun.

It's amazing how every kid reacts differently to such open-ended games. Ethan hesitantly began splashing. Avery filled up bottles and cups, then poured them back into the buckets, and filled them again. Abby immediately started baking a "cake" for a surprise party she was planning. Apparently it's my birthday again. Surprise!

Today I had planned to do the library and movie day, but alas, these things do not start until next week. So I think we'll still do the library day to sign up for the summer reading program, but not to listen to a story.

On the bright side, the kids are behaving much better today. They also have no toys - I took them all away yesterday. Maybe there's a connection here...


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