Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Mistake

What do I think is the biggest mistake I've ever made? Easy - Asking for more patience. I pray all the time that God will give me more patience and self control with my kids and with other people. So how does God seem to be answering that prayer? By giving me opportunity after opportunity to exercise patience.

Yesterday was the chocolate syrup incident. Today it was the complete fridge emptying incident. This will also be known as the eating of all the cold hot dogs incident. And every single day, Avery dumps out every toy in Abby's room. I did take all her toys away, practically, but the baby dolls and the books remain - and they continue to get dumped out into the middle of the floor at least once a day.

I also had to re-clean that doll house bath tub. Someone decided to scoop dirt into it in the front yard. They were then sent inside, where they dumped all the plastic craft beads all over their room, and all the stamps and stamp pads.

Never, ever, ever, ask God for more patience.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, hasn't anyone ever told you not to pray for patience? If it's any help, I pray for strength, wisdom and kindness -- mostly b/c I *really* need the extra kindness when my patience runs out! BTW, did you get the chocolatey smell out the living room? I think that might be worse than the stains. . . and it would make me hungry.

Anonymous said...

LOL...yes I learned the hard way on that one. Every evening I would ask God to give me more patience when it came to dealing with Ty and all his little quirks and problems he was having in public school. I now homeschool him, that is not how I wanted to obtain the patience I was praying for. I now pray for wisdom and strength when it comes to dealing with my kids. Chrissie

Anonymous said...

I pray for money! so I'm waiting for God to give me an opportunity to handle some more. Although...I'm having a hard time handling the little I have...maybe that's the hold up!!

Sara M. said...

At least I realized my mistake early!

2gaboys - The smell didn't linger at all. Maybe because I cleaned it right away. And the rug came clean, too!

Chrissie - thanks for the tip. I thought about praying that God would make my life easier, but that sounds tragic...

Daniel - keep praying for that. God will give you more opportunities to make money. You've gotta earn it to have it, baby.

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