Thursday, June 12, 2008


Remember your baby's first steps? Her first words? Maybe even her first tooth or solid food or whatever? What about the first time she moons the entire neighborhood?

What? That's just my baby?

Well, today started out normal. We were outside doing some art work, which we needed to wash off afterwards with a hose. that led to hosing off the driveway, which led to kids spraying each other with a hose. That led to running through the sprinkler fully clothed. And that somehow led to Abby pulling down her skirt and mooning the neighborhood.

So I tried to hide my smile, because come on, it's funny, and made the kids go inside for lunch. How do women go from thinking it's okay to show your bare butt in the front yard to being ashamed to wear a swimsuit in public?

Here are some non-nude photos of the sprinkler fun:


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