Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And We Never Left the House

Abby and Avery are sick today. That makes sense, though, if you consider that Ethan was sick Friday night into Saturday, Daniel was sick Saturday night into Sunday, and I was sick Sunday night into Monday. Like clockwork, Abby started feeling bad last night. Avery started his sickness a couple hours ago, and has been asleep ever since.

Remember that Full House episode where Jesse's twins got sick for the first time? The parents were taking the twins temperature every two minutes, sleeping beside their cribs, and just generally freaking out. Is this how it was for you when your first child was a baby? I can't really say it was for me and Daniel, but then again, I can't say it wasn't, either.

Now when our kids get sick, I'm definitely not sleeping beside their beds, but I am not getting any sleep either. If I do manage to get them in bed, sleeping soundly, then I'll usually wake up every hour or so to check on them, or if I hear even one little peep. Daniel sleeps at this time. If I'm not waking up every hour to check on them, they're usually waking me every hour and making me very, very crabby. Daniel continues to sleep. It's like a newborn all over again, but even more demanding! Daniel - no comment.

So, back to today. I was still a wee bit sick yesterday & today, and now these whiny, sick, pitiful kids are driving me crazy. No one was even dressed before 10, the dishes aren't washed from breakfast yet, and the TV has been on all day. To top it all off, today was picture day at Abby's school, and she missed it. Now she's going to be the weird kid with no picture in the yearbook, the comment reading, "picture not available." Don't you always wonder about those kids? Like, why didn't they have a picture in the yearbook? Were they vampires? Now you know - they were sick on school picture day.


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