Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Vampires and Tramps

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Halloween at your house or not, I think costumes must be discussed. In my day, we were happy dressing as Raggedy Ann, with a red mop on our heads, a gingham dress, and bloomers. Boys were generally action heroes or something like that. My kids have been the following in the past 4 years:

  • Tigger
  • A Renaissance Maiden
  • A Sock-Hopper
  • Japanese
  • A dead Skunk
  • A Scarecrow
  • Cinderella
Not necessarily politically correct, all of them, but somewhat acceptable and appropriate for kids.

Today we received a costume catalog in the mail. There were some very... interesting costume choices in the catalog, such as this beauty:

The "Cheerless Cheerleader." I was wondering, is this appropriate at all for a kid? It comes in a size 7/8. I personally would not let Abby wear this, even at age 17. I consider this a "tramp-pire" costume.

Let's see what else they have to offer:

Awww..... A slutty angel costume! I wish I had seen this before Abby's Christmas play last year! She played an angel... And here is a fairy costume. What girl doesn't love a nice fairy costume?

So, celebrate Halloween or not, but maybe you'd like to objectify your little girl anyway. If so, buy from Costume Express.


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