Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Confession Time

My confession? I enrolled my boys in daycare. Two days a week, for 3 hours, while I'm in class. My second confession? I feel really guilty and ashamed of the fact that my kids are in a daycare. Abby has never, ever been to daycare - in fact, she has only twice been babysat by someone other than her grandparents.

I don't really have a problem with people putting their kids in daycare, but for some reason I don't like the idea of my boys being there. Fortunately, I have a very smart friend who has a child in daycare, and she talked me through the decision. Her experience has been positive. It seems that I'd never really heard anything good about daycares until I talked to her.

So, today was their first day. Avery walked right in, started playing at the lego table and was happy as can be. Ethan had a death-lock hold on my neck the entire time I was there, then I had to hand him off to the teacher. He cried, like he does every Sunday when I leave the church nursery.

When I got back, Avery yelled, "Mommy!" and was so excited to see me. Ethan, however, didn't even notice I had entered the classroom. He just walked around and played, then the teacher told him I was there. He didn't run to me, yell, "mama!" or anything. He just reached towards me. Gee, I was hoping for a little more excitement when he saw me!

So day one is over. Now if day two just goes as smoothly...


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