Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Man, I'm Old.

For those of you who have school-age children, you probably know about "See You at the Pole." For those of you who don't, let me explain. "See You at the Pole" (aKa SYATP) is an annual event where students gather at their school flagpole at 7 in the morning to pray. It happens on the 4th Wednesday in September each year.

I remember when I was... *ahem* a lot younger, and I woke up early to gather with the other homeschoolers in my town around the post office flagpole. (Yes, I realize how sad that sounds, Daniel) The sun hadn't even risen yet, so it was dark and cold (well, cold for the desert, anyway). SYATP was just such an exciting thing to do. The idea that I was there, praying around a flagpole at the same time as thousands of other kids in my time zone - well, it just amazed me.

It's been 18 years since SYATP started, and it gets bigger every year. The strangest thing is, I was actually a part of the event when it first went national. Do you realize how old that makes me feel? I can't even imagine how my kids will feel in a few years, when they find this out. They are going to think I'm a fossil or something.

Any SYATP memories for anyone else?


Anonymous said...

HEY! You can't be old...what would that make ME?? Let's just say we're maturing & let it go at that.

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