Friday, September 26, 2008

Baking With Abby

Today Abby and I made cookie-brownies. Of course, just one desert wasn't enough, so we had to combine brownies and cookies. This is how baking with Abby goes:

Step 1: Show off the exercise moves you learned for P.E. today. Demonstrate each and every exercise, and explain why each one is your very favorite one. Make sure you do the splits, as you explain that everyone in the class can do them but you, since you are the only four year old in the class.

Step 2: Bemoan the fact that you are still only four, and have not yet taken in cupcakes like the other kids who have turned five. Ask your mother about 6 times in a row when you will be turning 5. Make sure you say each time, "But when will I be five?"

Step 3: Say your memory verse from class about 20 times in a row, changing the reference numbers each time.

Step 4: Ramble on and on about how much you talk. Explain that you talk a lot sometimes, sometimes you do not talk at all, and sometimes you talk to yourself. You might also add that you sometimes talk to other people, and sometimes pretend there is a person beside you - just for good measure.

Step 5: Tell your mother just how delicious that dinner "thing" looks, again and again. After a while, begin to shout and jump up and down as you tell her that this particular dinner "thing" is your very favorite.

Step 6: Finally begin to make the brownies. Surprisingly, this is the shortest step of all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun! Reminds me of some baking days not too long ago with another little girl...

Oh Joy! said...

WOW!! Those were a lot of steps!! :) That's cute. when do you want to get together?

I have something that I'm gonna put together for you for the nursing.

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