Thursday, September 25, 2008

Terrible, Just Terrible

Daniel and I were talking the other day about "the terrible twos". I know everyone has heard of them, and been warned, and probably dreads the day their child turns two. But you know what? I think it's all a big lie. My babies are awesome at age 2 - adorable and sweet as can be, learning everything from talking in sentences to counting to jumping.

I mean, the day my baby tries to jump and actually gets their feet off the ground, instead of that deep knee bend-to-standing up thing they do... Let's just say it's the cutest thing a two year old can do. There is also that sweet little irrational fear thing two year olds go through. One day they love trains, the next day they bawl and shake when they hear a train whistle.

Just recently (while still two), Avery saw some jet planes fly over our house while practicing for a local airshow. We were outside, and granted they were loud, but not that loud. He throws himself on the concrete, screaming, and turns around in little circles until they fly away. Too bad Osama Bin laden isn't a two year old, we would definitely have him if so.

However, the day your babies turn 3... RUN. Really, RUN. It has been my experience and Daniel's that kids are not just terrible at three, they are ridiculously bad. It's like overnight they realize that they are no longer babies, they no longer have to just tag along with their mom, they actually have their own opinions. They start to like and dislike things - really, really dislike things. Like having to take off their bicycle knee pads to change clothes. Or seeing their seat belts twisted. And, of course, going to bed without a cup of water beside them.

I saw this with Abby, too. I had to punish her more hours of out the day than I can even count. Chances are, if you came over to our house while Abby was 3, she was in her room being punished for not cleaning up one mess or another. I'm not exaggerating - she literally spent the majority of her day in trouble. Then, when she turned four, it all sort of stopped. She suddenly was more mature, better behaved, and more enjoyable to be around.

Unfortunately, Avery turned 3 last week. In fact, right now he's supposed to be in his room taking a nap. He's actually sneaking out of his bedroom door. So, I'm bracing myself for another year of having a terrible three. The worst thing? After Avery turns 4, Ethan will be 3 just a couple months later. Anyone wanna trade kids for a couple years?


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I too don't know where they got the terrible twos from. She was insane at three and my nephew turned three a few months ago and same thing with him. I don't miss the age 3 one bit. That just sucks for you cause it'll feel like you have a 3 year old for 2 years. Wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the excruciatingly awful threes. Hope I'm not being prophetic, but my boy didn't get a whole lot better at four -- some, but not lots. Now, FIVE has almost been a cakewalk by comparison. Thankfully, #2 isn't yet 2, so I've got a respite for awhile. Here's hoping Avery outgrows it by 4!

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