Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Much Information

Well, last week and weekend was really, really busy for us. It seems like we were doing something every day, which kept me from posting anything at all on my blog. So, by (un)popular demand, I present to you everything I thought about but didn't have time to blog about in the past week:

Last night while I was rocking Ethan to sleep (yes, I still do that), he cried a little after he was asleep, and jumped. I guess he was having a bad dream. I always think its so sweet the way babies will be sound asleep, and suddenly start laughing because of a dream. However, I've also always hated when little babies cry because of a bad dream. Don't you wonder what those teeny little minds can be dreaming about? Do you think wee little babies dream about mommy milk and pacifiers? What do teeny little new babies have to dream about, anyway? They've just been born, and haven't experienced anything yet! My little babies used to occasionally laugh out loud or cry as they slept - even when they were less than a month old. Avery actually laughed in his sleep before he ever laughed out loud while awake. Has Freud ever covered baby dreams? I bet he has, actually...

Well, one day when Ethan was awake, the kids and I were out driving around and we saw a lady walking her dog. She stopped, pulled out a nice sports bottle, and then let the dog drink from it. Do you think she would have taken a drink from the same bottle if we had watched long enough? Gross. I'm sorry, but drinking after a dog turns my stomach. I don't even like to let them lick my hand.

This made me think about a story I read in the local paper, about a family that lost their dog and hired a doggy detective. They actually paid some guy to put up posters, have some search dogs smell the dog's stuff and search for him, and go to every local animal shelter looking for the dog. I wonder how much they paid him to do all that? They offered a $500 reward for the dog.

Well today a bulldog or pit bull or something nice looking (yeah, I'm a doggy genius, I know) was running around my front yard. He was wearing a collar with tags, and he came right up to me and the kids. That made me think about rewards for missing dogs. It's not wrong to collect those rewards, in my opinion. So would you say that if someone found a nice looking dog with tags in their front yard, they could keep that dog for a few days in case someone puts up signs looking for the dog, and collect the reward? Don't worry - I didn't do that - I was just wondering. After all, it keeps the dog safe until someone looks for it... Entrepreneurs, you might want to look into this.

Speaking of animals, my neighbors have 4 new (and I mean brand new) kittens. Yesterday they sent the tiny little things outside. Alone. All day. In 90 degree weather.

Now onto the 4th of July. This weekend we ate Mexican food, saw fireworks, lit sparklers, swam, and went hiking. We found this nice trail at an arboretum that takes you through a reclaimed pasture, which is full of wildflowers and tall grass. I felt like I was hiking through a prairie. Too bad none of the kids nor Daniel shared my joy.

I put Ethan in the sling (baby-a-go-go pouch sling), and carried him on my hip sometimes and my back the rest of the time. He seemed to enjoy it, and it was a lot easier to hold him for hours. The only problem is, I ended up sweating a lot in the spots were the sling rested on my shirt. Now we're looking for a backpack carrier for him, instead. The kind with a frame and a cargo area. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Another thing I did this week was go to CVS, again. I literally made over $30, and got free lots of stuff. The reason I mention this is because I actually took some of my free stuff abundance and gave it to people. I've been meaning to do this for a while, and I finally actually did it! Now I can't keep myself from going back and getting more. I'm going to have to work on that.

So was everyone else busy this 4th?


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