Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Busy Weekend: In Pictures, Part 2

Some other things we did last weekend:

Abby loved swimming, Ethan did not. He does love to sit on the edge with me and splash his feet until I get more soaked than the people actually in the pool, though. Poor Avery was napping and didn't get to swim.

Please don't pick the daisies (or any other wildflower). Really, there were signs telling us not to - the park was trying to reclaim the wildflower field and reestablish the native flowers of Ohio.

Another moose-head picture. Abby argues that it looks slightly more like a giraffe. To me it's wood.

There should be lots of hiking pictures to come on this blog. I just bought a hiking-type backpack carrier for Ethan! We also are fixing up our bikes, and looking for baby bike seats or a trailer for the kids or something. If anyone knows anything about bike accessories, clue me in, please!

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