Thursday, July 24, 2008

A 4-year olds's Thoughts on Death and God - You Know, Light Reading.

Tonight I picked Abby up from her last night of VBS. Going to VBS all week has really started her thinking. First, she told me her Bible verse:

"I John 2 Peter 1:308, 2:16, 3:231, 2:0:
God gives me power, God has power, God has power, God has power."

You know, the same verse you learned as a kid at VBS...

Then she got more serious and told me that they pray at VBS for God. They pray that He will make them live forever. She then tells me that everyone can live forever. I agree with her - everyone who knows God and loves Him will live forever. She asked me if I love God. I told her yes, and she was relieved to know that we will both live forever in heaven.

"But Mommy, do we have to die to live in heaven?"

I sort of tell her yes, but we're not really dying because we're going to heaven. She then gets sad and announces that she does not want to die. What parent wants to hear their kid talk about dying? I tell her that only very old people die.

"Then who will take care of Daddy and be his Mommy and Daddy when Grandma and Grandpa die?"

The reason she's worried about Grandma dying? Because she spent the day with her, and grandma says, "She's a very old lady."

Watch out Grandma - you're sending yourself to an early grave in Abby's eyes.


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