Saturday, July 12, 2008

Something New **UPDATED**

So, last night I broke my first bone. Yup, my toe. Daniel laughs at me, because he's broken a toe and still worked and pushed copiers around and saved the world with a broken toe. But really, it hurts. It hurt more yesterday than today, but it still hurts.

Since I'm broken, we couldn't do any hiking today. Oh yeah, and then I made it rain. At least that's what Daniel said. He thinks my negativity caused it to rain, and so his morning was enveloped in a bad mood. But then the rain stopped, and the sun came out, and it got really, really hot. Then Daniel was happy. So we went to a yard sale. Did that help his happiness? I do not know.

At this yard sale I snagged a couple things that I've been searching for, and let's just say we can now go bike riding with the kids. Daniel took one of the items for a test ride:

So we got some new things that were old to somebody just 2 days ago. Yard sale-ing is so much
fun when you find what you want for a good price!

While we were out, we noticed an "event" that appeared to be happening in the neighborhood we were in. It turns out it was something like this:

(An actual photo of the house as it was Saturday)

We didn't see Ty Pennington, but we did see the house from far away. It was like the president was in town or something. The streets were closed around the neighborhood (which made it really hard to get to garage sales that were being held there). There were army men everywhere, being given volunteer "orders". The TV news crews were there, people were being bussed to the site, and other people walked quite a way to see the house, cameras in hand. One of the local garbage companies even donated brand new, shiny dumpsters to use during demolition. I read online that this was the largest crowd that has ever gathered to watch Extreme Home Makeover. Leave it to Southern Ohio to be the biggest "spectator" group ever.


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