Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Day/ Bad Day

Today the kids slept in. They were supposed to go to the zoo this morning with their grandma, but they slept and slept. Instead, the kids and I went to the park for a while, vacuumed out the van, went back to the park for lunch, and then got gas (Ethanol, actually), and aired up the tires! I know it all sounds so glamorous and exciting! So we did a lot, but in between doing things the kids drove me nuts. They were whiny from too little sleep and too much activity over the weekend, and they fought and fought. But when they were not fighting or whining, they were so cute. And right now, as the boys sleep they are so cute. Why is it that sleeping babies are so adorable? I know, really - it's because they are quiet and completely well-behaved at the time!

Today as we ate lunch at the park a bird kept flying over towards us looking for food. I told the kids to throw a little bit of their crackers towards the bird. Of course they completely misunderstood or disregarded the "little bit" part, and threw lots of crackers instead. But then the little bird came over, quickly grabbed some cracker, and flew under our van to eat. Ethan got so excited to see the "dog" (say that with a long o!), and shouted "woo woo" at the poor bird. Then they all threw more crackers on the ground, along with a couple pieces of ham. Another bird showed up - obviously not a vegetarian.

It's nice to let the kids get really tired sometimes, and then go home. They sleep, and I get a break. I wonder if working parents see naps as necessary as stay at home moms do...


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