Tuesday, July 15, 2008

As We Sleep

The nights around here are getting crazy! I mean when most people are soundly asleep (except those with teeny babies), the people in our house are very busy.

Last night Avery started crying in his room, and shouting "I can't open my eyes!" I ran to his room, expecting to see that he had gotten pink eye or something. When I get to the room, he's fine - but the room is completely dark. He keeps screaming about not being able to open his eyes, and so I pick him up and take him to the hallway where there is some light. "Can you see now?" I ask. He can. I guess it was just so dark in his room that he thought his eyes were closed. This is my fault, really. I put up blackout material on his windows, because the rising sun was making him wake up at 6 am. He sleeps longer in the morning, but now he cries and gets scared at night.

Two other nights he woke up screaming. When I go in his room, I find that he's standing in front of his dresser, beside the train table. He thinks he's at the door, but it won't open because it's not really there. So I tried putting a night light in his room a couple nights ago, and he slept the whole night with no problems. However, Ethan decided that the night light looked like fun, and he stole it. That must be why Avery cried last night.

After I put Avery back to bed, Abby started yelling, "put it over there! No, over there!" I went in her room and said, "What?" She told me she was talking to Ethan - who, by the way, was sound asleep in his crib, in a completely different room. She's always been a sleep-talker, but then again, so has Daniel. Daniel used to talk in his sleep about moving pallets around when he worked at Meijer years ago, and about pistons when he worked at General Motors. Just one of the many things that I love about him...

Last night I was also awaked by a loud sound. I looked over at Daniel, and realized a glass picture frame had fallen off the wall, and landed inches from his head. He was sound asleep, of course. I moved the frame, and hugged him to make sure he was okay. He didn't seem to care, but I guess he was okay.

So tonight I'm hoping I'll actually get to sleep! I'm going to make sure the night light is in Avery's room, Ethan is not in Abby's room, and the picture frames are secure. But I'm sure something new will develop anyway.


Oh Joy! said...

That's hilarious. Let me know if you got any sleep tonight.

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