Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I Believe

It's "What I Believe Tuesday" on The Natural Mommy, so get ready to hear what I believe.

First of all, note that I have only three children, and note that I had them rather close together (currently 1, 2, & 4). Also, note that I often say I will probably (probably) not have any more kids.

That said, I will now indulge my ego by saying the following:

How many kids you have shouldn't matter to anyone else, nor should how often you have them. When Daniel & I were pregnant with Abby, everyone thought it was awesome, just great. When we were pregnant with Avery we were asked "already?" And with Ethan, "I hope you know what you're getting yourselves into." Well, yes, we do know what we're getting ourselves into and its great, it sucks, its wonderful and horrible. But such is raising any number or any age of children.

It's going to be hard sometimes to have one kid or 20 kids, and it's also going to be fun sometimes. No one should judge you because you have a lot of kids, and no one should judge you because you have not that many kids (or even no kids).

I personally do not believe that God expects everyone - or really anyone - to just have kid after kid until they go through menopause - but its none of my business if they do. I do believe that some people shouldn't have kids at all, or should only have one - and I really know for sure that God won't judge them for that - unless of course, He specifically told them personally to have lots of children. "Be fruitful and multiple" doesn't imply that you have to be able to multiply by tens and twenties in my mind.

So go ahead - try for another one, or buy that product to prevent another one - it's none of my (or anyone else's) business.


Mrs. Spit said...

One of the biggest struggles I have had with infertility and then loosing our son, is the rude, intrusive prying questions people ask.

Go ahead and ask me if I have children, and depending on the circumstances, I'll either say I have one in heaven or that I have none.

But, really, it's no one's business that I may or may not have kids, or how quickly they are spaced.

I was always astounded when people would ask me "Well, are you planning on having children?" Or "Why aren't you pregnant yet", or "Don't you think you should be trying already?".

I got to the point where I would just look at them and tell them "I'm infertile and it breaks my heart. Thanks for contributing to the constant emotional pain by asking an inappropriate question!".

Ok, I'm putting my soap box away, but thanks for a great post.

Deb said...

Agreed. BTW, I also have three close in age (3 in 3 years) and I just love the look that other moms give me, like, the I-feel-so-sorry-for-you-look. When in fact, my children are the quietest in the restaurant and your ONE child is screaming his head off. Phew, just had to get that out. Nice blog!

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