Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mommies are the Best

You know how they say that when you kiss a boo boo it makes it all better? I mean there are actually scientists out there studying this to see if it's true. This must be serious healing.

Kids just pick this up all on their own, too. I mean one day they get hurt and they just run up to you and say "kiss my boo boo, Mommy." And you do, and then they walk away happy despite the spleen hanging outside of their bodies. (Mommy kisses truly do work that well.)

Well Ethan has picked this up as well - but with a twist. Apparently, one day he hurt his finger and I said "let me kiss your finger and make it all better." Now anytime he hurts himself anywhere on his body, I have to kiss his finger. He stubs a toe, he brings me his finger. He bonks his head, he brings me his finger. He falls off the couch, he brings me his finger to kiss.

That combined with the cute kissey sound he makes and puckered lips means he gets lots and lots of kisses - boo boo or no boo boo.


Anonymous said...

This is proof that kids actually DO pick up things from Mommy. When I was opening popsicles for me & Abby, I cut my finger pretty good. After the blood stopped spurting, Abby wanted to kiss my boo boo to make it all better. Kisses from Nana's little angel girl work as well as kisses from Mommies (maybe even better!!)

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