Friday, April 11, 2008

Isn't it Funny...

I was thinking today about all the things I can't have with kids in the house. I'm not talking about guns and liquor - I mean simple things like food in the cabinets and stuff on tables.

Today I walk into the kitchen, and Avery has dragged the desk chair into the room, used it to climb onto the counter, and get into the cabinet. He's sitting there on the counter eating leftover Easter candy. He does this all the time. I seriously cannot put stuff in the cabinets unless its okay for him to get into it. One time he was sitting on the counter using my kitchen knives to cut various things he found in the cabinets.

Today the kids also put an unknown number of DVDs into an electronic device Daniel owns. He doesn't know about this yet - hopefully he'll read this blog at work and be calmed down about this by the time he gets home. These DVDs were in the TV armoire - how silly of me to leave them where any normal person would have left them.

I also have this nice Bath & Body Works soap pump full of soap on my bathroom sink. It gets emptied into various cups, bowls, potties, and washcloths daily. That is the same soap Avery used to wash the doll hangers in his potty.

The kids get into the fridge at their leisure - eating string cheese, mustard, and juice pouches as often as they want. They get into my purse and backpack and chew up all my gum, then use my chapstick to cover anything they want. If I leave my coupons down low, Abby soon has them scattered all over her bedroom. If I leave the computer on, the kids have about 1,000 different windows opened on it before I can turn around.

Sometimes I just reminisce about the days before I had kids and could leave a candle lit somewhere other than on top of a TV armoire 6 feet tall. I miss the days when I could leave the newspaper on the couch for a minute and it wasn't shredded and wrinkled beyond recognition. I used to actually be able to set a can of Coke down...

Now we have a garage that we can't really use because its crowded with all the stuff we have to keep away from the kids. Thank goodness you need a key to get in there! I also have a full refrigerator top with the same kinds of things, although they have gotten up there before.

So tell me, is this normal, or are my kids just extra annoying?


Anonymous said...

your kids are jerks.

Anonymous said...

They are just normal, every day kids. Kids do kid things like getting into EVERYthing & then looking for even more to get into!! I'm sure you did the same thing when you were can kids learn without being able to explore??? It's just part of the growing process. So, let them grow! You can have "stuff" around later.

Anonymous said...

I hate the lil tykes chairs. They always end up in my bedroom in front of my dresser. This is where I put the binkines every morning when the lil miss gets up. I used to put them on top of her dresser but she just pulled out the drawers and climbed them. We had to use a cabinet lock on the refridgerator when Ty was little or he would eat us out of house and home...It gets better just wait when they are old enough and actually should be getting things for themselves they will ask you to do it...Chrissie

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