Thursday, April 17, 2008


We finally bought a minivan. Go ahead, tell me I'm now a real mom, officially an adult/old/boring, whatever you'd like. The truth is, its really hard to have three kids between the ages of 1 and 4 in the backseat of an Oldsmobile Alero. Don't judge until you've tried it! The constant "pinching game" that Abby taught Avery was the last straw. I would get the kids out of the car, and their arms were literally covered in red scratches and welts from this game. Abby also had quite a few clumps of hair pulled out of her head the past few months.

Now the kids love the new space they have, being able to see everything from their seats, and running around the van before I strap them all in. There are things I really like about the van, but gee, I really miss my car. Now it's Daniel's car, because he never has to go anywhere alone with the kids.... He's enjoying the sunroof that I loved - even though he never uses it.

What I really miss is having the kids right behind me. I know, that's why we got the van. But I can't hand them food, pacifiers, or toys if they need them. I can't tickle their little toes while I drive and make them all 3 laugh at once. (There is no cuter sound). I have to actually pull over, put the van in park, and walk to the back to give them food.

Also, I just feel weird driving this gigantic minivan. In my eyes, it appears to be bigger than anyone else's van. Is this how it always feels to drive a van? I can't wait to go to the ATM and not have to climb out of my car to reach it, though. No more complaining that not everyone has a van/SUV/truck!

Another thing I do like about this van is the space to carry stuff, whether I need it or not. I currently have a stroller, a big box full of newspapers to recycle, a box of toys, a blanket, a bundle me, and a huge box containing a porch glider in my van. The first day we had the van, I went to Ikea just to buy a rug. Just because I could.

I guess I'll have to just tickle my kid's feet at home from now on...


Anonymous said...

We just got a mini van but we downsized due to gas prices. I had a suburban and swore I would never drive a mini van. That is until one day I pumped 3/4 tank (25gals) of gas into it and paid about$85. Now 3/4 tank (13 gals) of gas is only $45 and I go as far if not farther on it. Its a nice van but its not my suburban. Enjoy your space! Did they fight over who got the back seat? Chrissie

Unknown said...

Welcome to the mommy driving mini van club!

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