Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay, several people have asked me how to "CVS," so I'm going to tell you how I do it.

First, get a CVS Extra Care card at CVS. Next, scan through the CVS ad & make a note of everything that you will ever use that gives you back Extra Care Bucks. Look through your coupons and try to match coupons to the Extra Care Buck deals in the ad. If you have coupons for the items, great! You can also use a CVS coupon with a manufacturer's coupon, making it even cheaper. Take your list of Extra Care Buck items, coupons, and about $15-20 with you for your first trip to CVS.

Now this is the hard part. Buy only items that give back Extra Care Bucks, not matter how much more they may cost than at other stores. Once you buy this first $15-20 worth of stuff, you'll never have to spend more than $1 at CVS again (if you keep up this system). You'll spend $15-20 this time, but if you use those Extra Care Bucks that you got back and use them next time instead of cash to buy more Extra Care Buck deals, you have yourself an unending cycle of free products.

You just have to be really disciplined to buy only what you'll use in the future without over-doing it, to buy only items that give back Extra Care Bucks, and to ignore the prices. You also have to be super diligent about clipping and saving coupons for anything that you would ever use, not just what you need right now. You never know what will go on sale at CVS, so if you have a coupon you're going to be really happy.

Sites such as MoneySavingMom, IHeartCVS, and MoreThanEnough will also help you match coupons to deals, as well as give you links to CVS coupons when available.

Any more questions, leave them in the comments and I will answer.


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