Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stop Calling Me!

I can't even count on 2 hands the number of times that Hillary Clinton has called me today and in the past week. I'm not even a registered Democrat - why is she calling me? Did she look up every person in Ohio, just to call them? Or is she calling all the women of Ohio, since that's where her votes are "supposedly" coming from? Maybe she just really needs a friend, and she's really only calling me because she's read my blog and likes how I think??

Now I'm wondering why political people are exempt from the Do-Not-Call List... Technically, they're trying to sell me something (themselves). Right?

If these candidates can answer some questions I have about real life, then maybe I'll vote for them. Some questions I'd like to see addressed:

1. Why is it bad for a baby not to poop, yet it's also bad for a baby to poop too much?
2. Why would kids prefer sleeping on the floor or on the couch with their necks bent in half to sleeping in their nice, cozy beds that I spent a lot of money buying?
3. Why are fruit snacks bad for you, but fruit is good for you?
4. Why aren't potatoes nutritionally valuable at all? Shouldn't french fries, potato chips and potato candy count for something?
5. How can Ethan poop 5 times today, even though he's been fed the same things he's always fed? (I obviously have some poop issues today)
6. How come every time I buy something it goes on sale the next week?
7. Why is Spanish so hard to learn, especially when I need to learn it to graduate???
8. How does having kids make you simultaneously the busiest you've ever been, and the laziest you've ever been? (Admit it - you have let the housework slide more since you've had kids than before you had kids)
9. How can McDonald's and Burger King come up with so many little pieces of junk to place in their kid's meals that my kids think are all different, yet they're the same?
10. Why is it so fun to play in a room, as long as Mommy is in there too... but that room stinks if Mommy leaves and tries to create a post on her blog?
11. Why isn't corn ever digested the same way other foods are? (maybe I should have called this "A Post About Poop!)


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