Thursday, March 27, 2008

On My Face - And My Baby's Butt??

I just learned about this website. You can go there, type in the full name of whatever skin care product you normally use, and find out how dangerous it is. Well, it turns out the moisturizer I use on my face every day has not one, but four ingredients that are known to cause cancer. Yes, cancer. The baby lotion I prefer to use for my kids has the same cancer-causing ingredients. Now its one thing for me to use these products, but I really feel weird using them on my kids.

How am I supposed to balance all the bad things I hear about with all the promises God makes to protect me and my family? I know we've all heard these verses - all about picking up serpents and drinking poison. Does this include knowingly putting cancerous products on your face and your kid's entire bodies??

It's always been Daniel's stand that everything causes cancer. It appears to be true, but is it wise to just ignore every warning you hear? I mean, who in their right mind would ignore the warning that cigarettes cause cancer and let their kids smoke? Who would ignore that the sun causes cancer and let their kids go out in the middle of summer without sunblock? I don't even let my kids sit close to the TV for fear they will go blind!

But really, do we completely understand every single cancer risk that we encounter daily? If we were told that fruits and vegetables cause cancer, would we stop eating them? Would this one bit of knowledge outweigh all their positive aspects? What if we were told that deodorant causes cancer (which it no doubt does, according to the website)? What if toothpaste were dangerous? What if kissing a baby caused cancer?

Speaking of what we eat... (umm, or babies...) Is it really better to eat only organic foods? All my life I've been eating non-organic, and now I'm told that I'll be healthy if i just switch right now to nothing but organic. Can organic-only really reverse the 28 years that I ate otherwise? Think about the cost - organic foods cost at least double what "regular" foods cost. They usually cost about 3-4 times as much. This makes me think that organic food people are behind all the hype - after all, look how much money they make by using fewer products!

This reminds me of another "controversy" going on in my house right now. I leave my razor in the shower, because I use it every single day in the shower. Lately Abby has been trying to use that razor as she showers, cutting her toes or fingers almost every day. Daniel says I should just move the razor to save our poor baby from certain shaving doom. I say I should be able to have a razor in the shower, and she should just learn to not touch it. Should I be inconvenienced for her safety? It sounds very much like my dilemma with the skin care products we use, doesn't it?


Oh Joy! said...

OUCH. What an eye-opening post about products that we use that could cost cancer!!

I leave my razor in the bathtub as well. The kids may have touched it but they didn't get cut.

I agree with you - Abby should learn to be able to NOT touch it.

Ethan looks adorable in that picture! He was trying to give me his bagel and shoving it in my mouth!!

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