Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More About Resemblances

This is what all kids seem to do when you think you're taking a nice family photo.

Today I had someone actually suggest that my kids look alike! If you've read my earlier post about Avery's blonde hair, then you know how often I have people ask about it. But today I took the kids with me to recycle our newspapers, and the man operating the scale asked me if they (not sure which 2) were twins! I told him they were actually 1, 2, and 4, and he was amazed. "How do you handle them??" He asked. They weren't even acting crazy - they just sat in their car seats being little angels. He didn't understand how I could keep track of 3 kids so close in age at once.

The truth is, neither do I. I've gotten braver lately, but there are still so many things I won't even attempt to do with all 3 kids. Today the kids and I went to Best Buy for the first time - I mean the kids have never been there before. I was afraid they would grab all the DVDs off the shelves and roll around in them or something, but they didn't. Sure, they told me what DVDs they wanted (pretty much all of them), and they were mesmerized by the 30 or so TVs they saw - but they were well behaved.

Finally, I'm seeing a good reason not to have more kids. They get easier as they age. How's that for letting go?


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