Friday, March 7, 2008

A Bottomless Pit

I'm wondering if this is normal. Abby comes to me about every 10 minutes, all day long, and says she is "really just sort of very hungry." I feed her lunch, I feed her breakfast, I feed her dinner, and I feed her several snacks throughout the day. Now this little girl used to refuse to eat practically anything but fruit. We called it her fruit and bread diet. In the past few months, she'll eat just about anything we give her - and ask for more.
I wonder if that belly of hers really has some sort of tube that connects it to the center of the earth, where all the food I feed her is going, leaving her belly completely empty.
Normally I wouldn't worry about this so much, but it's snowing here today - a lot. I can't go to the store - what if this hungry little girl eats all the food we have??
If you read anything in the paper about a family in Ohio starving to death during a snowstorm while their 4 year-old daughter sits and complains of hunger, chewing on the last piece of bread - well, let's just say you'll know exactly what went down.


Anonymous said...

LOL...Rori who usually only eats eggo waffles, cheetohs, and apples has suddenly started eating anything and everything all day long. Turkey lunchmeat, ham, doritos, potato salad, along with many other things I thought she would never ever taste. The child who only ate 1 meal a day now eats 3 a day! Chrissie

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