Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monday Memories

Pacifiers. How did parents ever live without them? Earlier this year, Abby gave up her pacis - by force. Come on, a three year old with a pacifier? I'll admit, I was afraid of what other parents might think, so I told Abby the paci had to go.
We tied the pacis onto a beautiful ribbon, hung it on the front doorknob, and waited until morning. We were so surprised - the pacifier fairy had taken those pacis and left Abby a huge purple sparkly box filled to the brim with princess paraphernalia and play make-up! That fairy sure knows what Abby likes...
The next day went smoothly - no asking for the paci, just pure revelry in that purple sparkly box. However, when bedtime came and no paci was offered or requested, I started to realize what we had taken from Abby. When she came in our bed around 4 am, crying because she wanted her pacifier, it only made me feel it more. We hadn't just taken away the pacifier - we had taken away the last little bit of baby left in Abby. Not that she's now an adult, but what about her is baby-ish anymore?
"Where did she take my pacis?" "Can you call her and ask her to bring them back?" The questions killed me as we lay there in bed, consoling Abby. I tried my best not to cry - this was my first little baby, heartbroken.
She still sneaks Ethan's paci from time to time, and of course we tell her no. But really, it was a three year addiction that we forced her to quit cold turkey. How would you have reacted?


Anonymous said...

I dread the day the binky fairy visits us. I guess she will come in about 6 months when Lorelei turns 3...We'll see tho I can't potty train and take the binky away at the same time and unfortunately I am having no luck when it comes to either of those. All the polly pockets and gumballs in the world havent convinced her to use the potty chair...They grow up so fast. Chrissie

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