Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Boots!

Grandma is visiting! And, once the first snowflake hit the ground, she said the kids needed snow boots. She headed to Kohl's, and came back with all the snow gear Abby & Avery will ever need (until they get bigger, at least).

Avery put on his boots and started posing provocatively - yes, I have spared you of photos that are both provacative and of Avery in his underwear. I swear, he does own pants.

Abby loves her new coat, snow pants, and boots! What parent can deprive their child of the joy of wearing their new snow gear indoors for an hour or two? She kept saying, "I need water...."

And, for good measure, here is Ethan wondering where his new snow stuff is. Silly boy - it's right there on Avery! He'll realize that next winter.


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