Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Memories

Avery is definitely my drama baby. I've said this since the day he was born, and he proves it again and again. I have to keep a very close eye on this one. As you read this list, keep in mind that he is only 26 months old...

  • When Avery was born, I went to the hospital and was sent home 3 times without being admitted. I was told that I wasn't "really" in labor. Two hours later, he was almost born in the car. We got to the hospital at 9:51 p.m. and he was literally born 6 minutes later, at 9:57 p.m.
  • Before he was even born, my OBGYN wanted to do a C-section because Avery was breech, with his head tipped back, and his foot headed out first. Apparently this is not good at all.
  • We couldn't find anyone to circumsize him until he was 13 days old. The doctor informed us that he screamed more than any baby he had ever circumsized.
  • When he was 3 weeks old, he peed in his own eye while I changed him. He ended up getting a yeast infection in his eye. (Please see the lovely picture for more detail.)

  • At 16 months, Avery broke his pinkie finger on a door. The cast covered his entire arm - shoulder to finger tips.
  • When the doctor put the cast on Avery, he had to have three additional nurses hold him down. I was told that Avery is very strong.
  • On vacation this year, Avery woke up with sores all over the inside of his mouth. He had hand foot and mouth disease.
  • Avery is now deathly afraid of doctors.
My poor pumpkin. I don't know if I should ever let him play sports.


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