Friday, November 16, 2007

Top 9 Things I Learned From Cleaning Carseats

I cleaned out the kid's carseats the other day. Interestingly enough, it was a definate learning experience. Presenting... The Top 9 I Learned From Cleaning the Carseats!

  1. Where Abby's gum always ends up (hint: she doesn't swallow it, after all).
  2. Where Lightning McQueen's lost car parts went.
  3. Where the baby toys (yes, ALL of them) went.
  4. Where 10 or more of Abby's hair barrettes went.
  5. Nerds turn into a solid mass of melted pink goo, eventually.
  6. Carseats do mold.
  7. What that smell is.
  8. How Avery finishes his McDonald's chocolate milk faster than anyone else in the car.
  9. Why we go through Cheerios and Banana Puffs so darn fast. (see picture)

For those of you with no kids, or only one really small kid, you might be thinking that I'm disgusting and never clean our car. I cleaned these carseats out about 2 months ago. Seriously. Just wait - really, really soon your little "angel" will be a toddler too.


Oh Joy! said...

That is HILARIOUS!! BTDT!! (Been there done that!)

Anonymous said...

Tyler is 7 and where he sits in the car looks like this. I hate to admit but I forgot to clean up Ty's carseat before I stored it once he grew out of it. It was a lovely surprise when I pulled it out for Rori....Chrissie

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