Monday, September 10, 2007

Weeping and Sprouting of Teeth

Ethan did it! He beat Abby in the race of getting the first tooth. Although Abby's first tooth actually sprouted years ago, she was eight months old when that happened. Ethan was one day away from turning eight months - the champion! For the record, Avery was only four months old when he laughed and we noticed he had his first little tooth already in place. I don't know, it could have possibly been there when he was born... You know how it is with the second kid.

In other toothy news, I was brushing Avery's teeth the other night and noticed he has half of his second year molars already. Now, we do brush his teeth every night, but when did those get there?

One more mouth item - Abby has been saying really creepy things lately. Out of the blue, she says "I hate America!" What?! Daniel and I know she didn't get that from us, so we ask her where she did, in fact, learn to hate America. She says her teacher told her that... What?! I'm guessing she's really just confusing Ohio and America, since Daniel has been known to say he hates Ohio. She does sometimes say she wants to live in Massachusetts after ranting about America. We've learned that if anything is said in this house, chances are it will be repeated by some kid or another.

However, Abby has also just randomly been saying "I hate." Hmm... She's also now a "good" pirate and all boys are "bad" pirates. My little feminist in the making :o)

What worries me is that Avery repeats everything Abby does. The other day Abby fell down and started crying because she hurt her mouth. So Avery runs over, throws himself down next to her and does the same. When I ignore him, he stands up, climbs on the couch, and falls off. Poor neglected kid.


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