Thursday, September 6, 2007


This week Abby started preschool. School. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was screaming her pretty little sweaty head off as Daniel held her in his arms, squatting down to the floor over and over again, saying "squeaky, squeaky, squeaky"? Wasn't it just yesterday that I would lay her in her crib after rocking her for an hour, slowly tiptoe out of the room, and then start that all over again once my head hit the pillow?

Where does time with your kids go? Avery is now almost two - yet his first birthday party mess is barely cleaned up. He's mommy's little boy - yet mommy has another little boy now. Avery can sing, climb anywhere, and throws a mean tantrum when you refuse to let him wear three pairs of Thomas underwear at once. But all that is forgotten when he wakes up in the morning and says "Wanna cuddle Mommy," then throws himself on me, on the couch, and just lays there hugging me and snuggling.

Meanwhile, Ethan is learning all the tricks babies learn as they try to escape their mommy's safe, loving, cuddling arms. He's crawling. He's unplugging phones and televisions. Last night he even slept the entire night without needing mommy milk. What's next? Maybe he'll start taking the New York Times or find himself enjoying a nice cigar...? Or maybe walking is next. Or even talking.

Time to have another baby. "Oh Daniel..."


Anonymous said...

You don't even have the kid potty trained and there's talks of New York Times and cigars. They sure do have a great mommy!

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