Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Best Part

Have you ever been asked that horribly hard to answer question, "what's the best thing about having kids?"

Seriously. How do you even begin to answer that one?

Is it when they're sleeping? Even though it might sound like a joke, aren't all babies especially precious when they're sleeping? Or what about when they first look up at you and say "mama"? Or when they first learn to give kisses - those adorable, wet, open-mouth, sloppy kisses that they want to give you for about ten minutes straight? What about when you're nursing your baby and notice they've stopped slurping away, and when you look down they smile up at you with their mouth full of mommy, and milk drips out of the corners of their mouth?

As my kids grow, I find that my "favorite" thing about having kids is constantly changing - sometimes by the phases of their growth, and sometimes by the minute. There are so many "moments" when you're raising kids, and sometimes these moments affect you differently than other times. For instance, sometimes it's really as cute as can be that Avery loves to help me so much with laundry, washing himself in the tub, getting the mail, etc. But those other times... Man, it gets on my nerves to take so long to do everything.

Yes, kids are cute and it's fun to raise them. But is it really possible to have just one thing that's the best about having kids? Maybe you have to have kids yourself to understand this? But really, think about it - do you have any one memory with your kids that's better than any other memory? If you think long enough, aren't there just so many times that you've really loved having kids, or doing certain things with your kids, or even certain things your kids have done or said?

One thing. Sure....


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