Sunday, September 30, 2007

All About Me - For Strangers

I'm Sara M. I'm very mysterious, in that I show pictures of myself and my family on my blog, mention places and friends, but for safety I never mention my last name. Do you see the logic in that? Me neither.

So, I'm married to a (usually) great guy named Daniel, and we've been married for about 10 years. He works, while I go to college (I should graduate in December 2009). He's also quite a nerd, playing fantasy football and watching news channels all day. However, he is also extremely handsome and a good husband and father. And I love him. But, this is supposed to me about me, not Daniel.

We have 3 kids, which we still don't believe. Abby is 5, and in Kindergarten at a Christian private school. She's all about princesses and fingernail polish - not a drop of tomboy in her. She's very hard to convince to eat, sleep, or clean her room, but she is very eager to help me around the house.

Avery is 3, and has a very loud voice and high-pitched scream. Do not go around him if you have a headache, or your hearing aid turned up all the way. He loves pushing his trucks through the house, and turning on his remote control trains and letting them drive themselves into walls all day.

Ethan is about a year and a half old. He's the baby in every way, and quite spolied. He's big and cuddly, but tough and headstrong all at the same time. I hate seeing him get older, because he may or may not be my last baby.

We live somewhere in the midwest (hint: there is a Springfield in our state), although I grew up in New Mexico and Daniel grew up in Louisiana. We're a Christian family, and we're trying really hard to be outdoor people. We don't have a dishwasher, but we do have a really nice kitchen that Daniel made all by himself.

So, there you have it. One is too many.


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