Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It All Adds Up

I thought I owed you all (or... one) an explanation. I haven't been blogging regularly for... quite a while. But the truth is, I feel too busy right now to blog. Something had to give, and for now it's this blog.

So, until I either graduate college (yeah right!) or at least take a semester off, blog posts will no longer be regular. I will still blog, but not that often for a while.

Will you miss me?


Anonymous said...

Yes, we ALL will miss you immensely! Please hurry back.

Anonymous said...

How many is too many?

Amber said...

Of course we will miss you! I only work part-time and only have 2 kids and still can't manage to blog regularly. Of course, I can't keep up with the housework either. LOL

Anonymous said...

You will always be missed! I love reading your blog!!!!

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