Monday, March 9, 2009

The Future

We went out to a Chinese restaurant the other night, since my kids adore Ni Hao Kai-Lan
(who told them that Chinese dumplings are delicious). Of course, we all got a fortune cookie at the end, and of course they were completely accurate.

Daniel's fortune:
"Utilize what you have been given." Translation: Stop buying so many tools and materials just to finish up the home improvement jobs you started last year.

Sara's fortune:
"To learn without thinking is effort in vain." Translation: Pay attention in class!

Abby's fortune:
"What's that in your eye? Oh... It's a sparkle." Translation: You have sparkly eyes.

Avery's fortune:
"The thing in us that we fear just wants our love." Translation: Dogs, train whistles, pieces of fuzz on the floor, monsters, and Ethan going "Rarr!" just want your love.

Ethan's fortune:
"Suppose you can get what you want..." Translation: You can never really get what you want, because you are only a baby and all you want is candy.

The backs of the fortunes also accurately predicted our family's health for the following week 3 out of 5 of times:

Ethan: "Learn Chinese - To have a fever (shao)." Ethan woke up Sunday morning with a very high fever.

Avery: "Learn Chinese - Cold (leng)." Avery caught a cold last week.

Sara: " Learn Chinese - Headache (tong)." I have three kids - of course I had a headache this week.


These odds are almost as good as the odds that the Chinese Gender Chart will be right - and it has been for all my kids. So, next time you're unsure about your future, you might want to head to a Chinese food restaurant!


Anonymous said...

That's just to funny! Those fortune cookies sure are wise. I hope you guys get to feeling better.

Chinese Study Adviser said...

headache is not 'tong', but 'tou tong' 头痛

Amber said...

This post cracked me up! I miss seeing you guys. I'll bet I don't recognize your kids anymore... they're all so much older now!

Thanks for sharing. I sure enjoy reading your blog!

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