Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Mama Told Me Not To Do It!

You know how parents have all those funny rules? I mean, like you have to finish all the veggies they give you before you get dessert? Well, I've found that it's really hard to get past those rules once you're the adult, and can make your own rules. There are a lot of things that my mom said I couldn't do, that I've found actually, yes I can do!

  1. For instance, I can drink a soda before 11a.m. It's true! I've tried it - but I felt really guilty and totally expected to get sick afterwards. In the end, it all turned out okay. Go figure!
  2. I've also learned that I can have more than one soda a day. It may kill me one day - but not yet!
  3. Tampons. I can use them. Turns out that's not what makes you lose your virginity!
  4. It's perfectly acceptable to shave above the knee. Many people (like me & Daniel) prefer it, and no one thinks I'm a tramp.
Despite these few rules that were made to be broken, I do find myself dishing out the same sort of advice to my kids:

  1. Always tie your shoes - you'll trip if you don't. Avery has actually tripped on his own shoelace several times, but Abby has not.
  2. Don't eat standing up. This bugs me even when Daniel does it.
  3. Don't leave cabinet doors, drawers, etc. open. Ditto for Daniel.
  4. You can't stay up even one minute past your bedtime, because you'll be cranky tomorrow. This is true. Very, very true.
I think mom-hood is just a never ending cycle. Moms make moms, and so on. How careful do you think Mary was with Jesus? After all, she knew He was God' s Son and the Saviour of the world. Imagine what that would be like! On the one hand, you wouldn't want anything to happen to Him - think how God would respond to that! On the other hand, you know God is watching over Him every second of the day - He's His Son, after all. If only I could have that kind of trust in God for my own children!


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